Welcome to …Public Affairs Jobs!

Lobby Logo - black Public Affairs Jobs is the online presence of The Public Affairs Recruitment Company. It is an online community site for Australia’s public affairs professionals – accessible wherever they may be located globally.

  • It’s a one-stop-shop for those new to the industry and those who’ve been around for decades.

Clients of all types – and from all sectors – will find it a quick (and affordable) way to gain the attention of the  public affairs community

  • Simply by listing a job on our site, public affairs eyes will swivel in their direction.
  • If more assistance with job-filling is required, we’re happy to help.

 Current Logo – Public Affairs Jobs

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Our current logo reflects where we are today and the simplified online / social media environment.

Original Logo – The Public Affairs Recruitment Company

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Logo for The Public Affairs Recruitment Company

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Since 2000, the company has focused exclusively on serving the public affairs industry in Canberra, the nation’s capital, and beyond. Since early 2014 we started moving our services online to:

  • provide clients with quick and easy access to the best pool of public affairs officers via very cost-effective advertising;
  • provide candidates with ready access to client-advertised jobs, to other public affairs officers via a community-rich site (PAO Community), to networking opportunities, to mentors, to courses and free resources; as well as
  • provide our many newsletter readers with information on professional development opportunities, industry events and conferences around Australia to stay at the top of their chosen profession.

See our site map for a quick overview of the layout of the site. While our “look” has changed, our vision, mission and overall objectives for assisting people in our industry remain constant.

Some Background Info

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Here’s some more information about the new Public Affairs Jobs website:

What is it?

It’s a website that is:

  • a community centre for public affairs officers to find information that is relevant to them and their careers,
  • a place for clients to source public affairs officers and see what is happening in our industry,and
  • a place to keep up to date with what’s going on in our patch of the world.

Who is behind it? This site is the online presence of The Public Affairs Recruitment Company and was founded by Karen Paxton – herself a former Director, Public Affairs. What type of content do we/will we publish?

  • insights from ‘industry elders‘, the view from those starting out in their career, issues and challenges of concern to the industry, what’s happening internationally in the world of recruitment and what it will mean for us when it reaches our shores.
  • blogs across a range of topics – and we’ll do wrap-ups of the trends that are showing up in the discussions that are happening in our groups (not identifying anyone) if it is topical and appropriate.
  • feedback on the company as and when it arises – on our services, our course feedback, client feedback and anything else. (We currently post some of what comes in regularly on our Facebook pages.)
  • useful links to our other social media sites where we post different / topical information eg
    • Facebook pages – We have two company pages – one for recruitment (PublicAffairsJobs) and one for course (PublicAffairsCourses). These list feedback comments and link to other sites of interest to public affairs officers.
    • Twitter accounts – We have two  – one account for recruitment (Jobs4PAOs) and one for courses (Training4PAOs). Each are linked to their respective Facebook page
    • Linked In – personal (600+ contacts and growing) and company page (just a shell at present).
    • …and other other avenues where we publish slightly different information, but you’ll find a link to it on our website pages somewhere.

Why create this resource?

While there is LinkedIn and intranets and networking groups, there wasn’t ONE central place that public affairs officers could gather online, chew the fat about issues of concern to them or just get to know each other…so we’ve created that online / virtual space. We expect it to grow over time as people contribute, find answers and discuss matters of concern to them (regardless of experience, everyone has something to say). It will help you find others of like mind – without all the hassle of travel, parking, squeezing meetings before and after work, or finding babysitters for the kids. …just log on any time and check out anything of interest.

What’s happening out there?

The recruitment industry – like most others – is undergoing massive change to existing business models and it’s time to deliver different services to our industry and take advantage of the technology and software and create online, what we’ve created offline…a great gathering of the best public affairs officers around!