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Recruitment Awards… Have your say!

Recently we received the following email from CV Magazine: ” Karen The results are in and I am pleased to advise that your firm – The Public Affairs Recruitment Company Pty Ltd, has received a nomination in the 2016 Recruitment Awards. As a true overview of the industry, the 2016 Recruitment Awards are our way […]

Are Editors your latest Frenemy?

We’ve asked some of our experienced candidates to guest blog on topics that are close to their hearts…or just topical. Today’s blogger, David Hutchins, is a content producer, corporate writer and communications professional who has written and edited many thousands of articles for online and print publications. Having produced material for executive audiences on topics […]

Feeling Digitally Challenged? Well, Kylie says…

I first became interested in digital media in 2006. It was called ‘new media’ then. I was at the CSIRO and attended a briefing by Universal McCann about new platforms like YouTube. I came out of the briefing with my head buzzing with possibilities. I remember talking to my boss, Marilyn Chalkley about how it […]

(P)interested in Social Media?

We’re into Pinterest. We’ve been following and pinning things on a wide variety of boards for a while – on our personal Pinterest boards – without ever thinking anyone would follow. Suddenly we found ourselves with more (personal) followers than we had for our corporate Facebook and other pages. (That’s not hard as we’ve not […]

Career Tips & Hints…for a great CV … is now out!

So it’s time to update your CV. There’s a job you want to go for and your CV’s a bit rusty. Do you wonder what other CVs look like; what they contain compared to yours? …or do you just assume all CVs look the same? After seeing thousands of CVs and advising their owners how […]

Are they the only savings affecting public affairs officers?

  Are they the only budget measures affecting public affairs officers? After our last blog (just after the 2014-15 Budget), we spoke, or wrote, to a number of interested parties such as unions, local and federal politicians, journalists (for several publications) – who were not aware of any information beyond the cryptic Budget paper’s few […]

Public Affairs Officers Targeted …Hidden in Budget Paper #2

Hold on to your hat! Hidden away in Budget Paper #2 is this little gem for public affairs officers (PAOs). A reduction in internal and general public affairs …to the tune of $43.3 million over four years. There’s a $5.3m reduction starting with the new financial year…and then over $10m per year – for the […]

A Refugee from QLD comes to Canberra: History always repeats?

 by Brenda Starr* *This is not the author’s real name.     After I moved down to Canberra from Brisbane last year, I took my car for a service and the mechanic said “Queensland numberplates eh? Seen a few of those here lately, what’s going on up there?” Like many others, I’d come “down South” […]

My Career Lessons…An International Foray

Commonwealth War Graves Commission During my first year, an international job opportunity came along which was only open to those working in this portfolio. The Commonwealth War Graves Commission (CWGC) was looking for a new Director, Information and Secretariat. The title doesn’t sound too exciting – until you realised that all the visits/ceremony involving royalty […]

My Career Lessons…Overseeing Communications Campaigns

Managing Government Communications Campaigns. It didn’t take long to get across the new job. It was a regulatory role. Making sure market research (qualitative, quantitative) was done first. Ensuring the Ministerial Committee on Government Communications could make informed decisions about PR and advertising spending across all portfolios and select the successful agencies. Letting them see […]