Here’s a look at how the business has grown since we started:

Company Chronology
Year, Date, Milestone

2014, January, Establishment of Public Affairs Jobs as our new online presence.
Our new wordpress site providing many more features and the opportunity for public affairs officers to connect online with other colleagues and professionals in our industry.
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2013, June 20, Google Milestone! We're still ranked #1 on a Google "public affairs" search (522 million search results).

2012, July 5, Another Google Milestone! We're ranked #1 on a Google search(out of 808 million search results) for "public affairs".

, May 28, Google Milestone! A search on "public affairs" ranks our site #1 by Google (out of 70 million search results – within 0.8 seconds)?
2010, December 6, Milestone! We turn 10 years old!
, August, Company CEO asked again to judge PublicAffairsAsia magazine's 2010 Gold Standard Award
, March, Company is unofficially 10 years old – but we wait for 6 December 2010 to celebrate the formal birthday.
2009, November, Milestone! 1000 officers trained!
,June, Company CEO is appointed as one of only 40 international judges for PublicAffairsAsia magazine's inaugural 2009 Gold Standard Awards to be held in December 2009.
,April,Milestone! 900 officers trained.
,March,e-Learning Grant Recipient. Along with our partner Registered Training Organisation (RTO) – Learning Options – TPARC is awarded ACT/ federal funding for an e-learning project under the Australian Flexible Learning Framework.
Our team is one of only four ACT business/RTO partnerships in the State to receive funding from federal government for our project to embed e-learning in the small and micro-business sector.
2008, August 2, TPARC contributes to new publication aimed at middle and senior public affairs managers in the Asia Pacific
The Public Affairs Recruitment Company was approached to provide the Australian perspectiveon the public affairs industry and invited to join the Advisory Council.
, August 1, Milestone! 800 officers trained.
2007, January 1,Milestone! 600 officers trained.
2006, September 18, Company moves into larger premises due to expanding business in recruitment and training.
2005,January 1, Milestone! 400 officers trained.
2003, April, The Public Affairs Recruitment Company commences professional development courses in Canberra.
2001, October, The Public Affairs Recruitment Company wins New South Wales/ ACT Micro-business AwardWomen in Business Category within 10 months of establishing the business.
2000, December 6, Establishment of The Public Affairs Recruitment Company.Logo for The Public Affairs Recruitment Company
,March, A phone call from a senior colleague asking for public affairs staff triggers a change in direction for the business from major communications campaign work to recruitment (but it takes 9 months for the market to convince us to do it).
1999, September 24, Establishment of K A Paxton Enterprises which commenced the recruitment business.