If you need quick help because:

  • you’ve just been made redundant;
  • are considering a voluntary (VR) or involuntary (IVR) redundancy;
  • hate your current job and just want out!;
  • you are in an organisation where there are no career opportunities for you;
  • it’s just time to move;
  • you’ve just arrived in town and want to find out the options for finding work quickly;
  • or any other of the host of reasons people in jobs want/need to move…

…then you’ve landed in the right place.

Visit our Make an Appointment page and select Career Help! from the drop down list.

You can select an hour interview. If you need longer, you might be able to continue the session or book another time.

  • We always ask if someone wants to continue or stop at the end of the hour, so you control the time you need and pay for.

Let us know what you would like to cover during that hour.

  • And don’t forget to email us recruitment@publicaffairs.com.au with any documentation you want us to look at before you arrive.

Depending on your requirements, during the session we can:

  1. Assess your public affairs skills and level (so you know the level to pitch yourself at when going for jobs – and so avoid wasting your time and that of an organisation if you are not selecting the right ones). We specialise in public affairs, but our experience in the APS can help with any profession.
  2. Determine your employer options (out of the six sectors – which might be best for you careerwise)
  3. Discuss your skills and experience to see what you top achievements are – that will resonate with local employers (it’s not always what you think it will be)
  4. Discuss any employment issues you might be puzzled about or want answers for.
  5. Provide feedback on your written CV, application/s, cover letters etc.
  6. Identify any non-verbal messages you might be (unintentionally) giving out.
  7. Work with you to clarify your strengths and discuss how to showcase them.
  8. Advise what employers are looking for – skills, experience, attitudes, etc and what gets people “unemployed”.
  9. Advise how to stand out to future employers.
  10. Assist you to clarify your thoughts on the direction you need to take.

…and lots more.

It is really about your needs and what assistance you are looking to gain.

Tell us the issues you face and what you are looking for the session to do – our time is yours for the duration of the session – and we’ll structure it around your needs.

We always ask for a feedback form to be completed regarding our services.

Feedback from some of our previous sessions are on our Recruitment Sessions page.