CV Assessment – Individual

85% of CVs are pretty much the same – so unless you stand out, you’ll just go in the pile with all the rest. You want your CV to be put aside – in the ‘To Be Interviewed’ pile.

CV Assessments are designed to work on your CV, in depth.

We ensure your CV doesn’t just list the duties/responsibilities of each role you held.

We work on showcasing on your unique achievements – and other information that will appeal to a new potential employer.

  • The cost is $66 per half hour ( includes GST) for an assessment by a former Director, Public Affairs and someone who’s seen thousands of CVs.
  • The minimum cost is $66. The full cost will depend on the state of your CV and how much work is required.
  • See our attached 2014 CV Assessments for more details.

CV Assessment Session – for a Group of 5

If you and a group of 5 friends/colleagues would like a session, then a group session might be just the thing to organise.

  • This session will include a working group so you help each other out and you get to see how your CV rates alongside other CVs (in a friendly environment).
  • The cost is $330 (includes GST) for the group for an assessment by a former Director, Public Affairs who’s seen thousands of CVs.
  • This is a two hour session.

To Book

To book a CV Assessment session -for an individual or a group, just use our Make an Appointment calendar or call 1300 555 903 if you are having trouble.

Use the contact form below to contact us if you need to.  Thank you.