Recruitment Sessions

Recruitment Sessions are designed to assist you get that coveted role.

It is an investment in your future and needs to be considered as such, as it isn’t a cheap option.

  • It reflects the preparation time required to assess where you are currently positioned and how to best showcase your skills and experience so you look like “a natural” for that next role you want.

We are approached by people in various circumstances:

  • some people have yet to apply for a role and want some preliminary advice,
  • some have applied and are getting ready for the next step – a possible interview – usually for a promotion,
  • some have been advised of an interview date and (urgently!) want to prepare with a mock interview, and
  • some have come to us just one day or two hours before their interview seeking our assistance (yes, it’s happened).

While we specialise in public affairs, we’ve worked in policy, project management, administration, legal and other areas so can provide advice on preparing for role in those areas as well.

The Cost

  • The cost is $275 per hour (incl GST)- and you determine how long you want/need us to work on your documentation.
  • We work quickly, and there’s usually a lot to get done – including helping people think very differently – especially if they are going for promotions.
  • Depending on the assistance you need, the average time spent for assistance with the whole process from assistance with applications and preparation for interviews (including researching the organisation and its issues, identifying opportunities for your skills to shine and preparing a range of easy-to-difficult questions for a mock interview) is 3.5 hours.

Our results?

  • Our first Recruitment Session gained the applicant her first international role as a science communicator.
  • Our EL2 aspiring officers have credited our advice as being the factor that won them their coveted EL2 role/s.
  • EL1 officers have been able to move around – in and around different sectors – because we explained the dynamics of different industries to them.
  • More junior officers – those looking to obtain an APS6 or their first EL1 role have learned to think at the more senior/strategic level and have this reflected in their documentation and how they answer interview questions.
  • …and of course we’ve assisted plenty to get their first job.


 To Book

To book an appointment for a Recruitment Session, just use our Make an Appointment calendar or call us on 1300 555 903 if you need assistance.

Use the contact form below to contact us if you need to.  Thank you.