If you are a new candidate and would like to register with us, please carefully read our How to Register process below.

  • There are several documents we need to receive from you, before we are able to book you in for a candidate meeting.


Government Public Affairs Roles – What You Need to Know

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If you are looking for public affairs work in the federal government, you also need to read about the 2013 DEEWR PAO Work Level Standards which outline the roles and responsibilities required at each different grade / level.

  • The levels are:
    • * Public affairs officer grade 1 (PAO1) – equivalent to APS Level 4 or 5 (APS4 / APS5)
    • * Public affairs officer grade 2 (PAO2) – equivalent to APS Level 6 (APS6)
    • * Public affairs officer grade 3 (PAO3) – equivalent to APS Executive Level 1 (EL1)
    • * Senior public affairs officer grade 1 (SPAO1) -equivalent to Executive Level 2 (EL2) – Director level
    • * Senior public affairs officer grade 2 (SPAO2) – also equivalent to Executive Level 2 (EL2) – sometimes called Senior Director

Please be aware that following the 2013 election the new Abbott government made a decision to reduce APS employees by 12,000 people. Recruitment for  federal government jobs virtually ceased and no new employment happened for around 2 years.

In 2017, while the federal APS is still downsizing in many areas, recruitment has started to pick up, albeit it slowly. In many departments, the PAO classification streams no longer apply and have been amalgamated into the general APS classification streams. More info about those APS-wide Work Level Standards can be found here.

Jobs can also be found in the ACT public service.

Non-Government Public Affairs Roles

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Depending on which Australian State you reside, the mix of employer organisations will differ.

  • In Canberra, the federal and ACT governments are the predominant employers of public affairs officers and to a lesser (but still significant extent) the other sectors.
  • In other states, State government departments and agencies are significant employers however.
  • Sydney,  private sector employers are the main employers along with the State government.
  • In Melbourne, private sector as well as many industry associations and not-for-profits have their headquarters.
  • In Brisbane, there is a growing community of leading edge companies that need social media experts

The Process – How to Register with Us

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Step 1: Read our General 2017 CV Tips and Hints document before sending your CV

  • Why? We need your CV in a format that focuses on Achievements not on the Duties and Responsibilities.
  • 95% of potential candidates will automatically tell us their CV lists their Achievements and we find it only lists Duties.
  • Unless the CV contains tangible outcomes / results, you are likely to only have listed Duties not Achievements.
  • Our 2015 CV Tips and Hints will show you the difference.
  • If you would like more in-depth information about what employers need to see in a CV, you can purchase our new e-book (Career Tips & Hints…for a Great CV) on our Products page. More information about the e-book publication is on our blog post.

Step 2: Complete the 2017 Candidate Questionnaire. Step 3: Make an Appointment – Please select a time on a Tuesday only.

  • We only conduct candidate interviews on a Tuesday.
  • Click on our Appointments page to open it in a new window/tab.
  • Select the Candidate Interviews – Tuesdays Only  from the drop-down list (Please don’t use another category or we’ll miss seeing the appointment.)
  • Remember to include the date and time in the email below.

Step 4: Send us your documentation (CV and Candidate Questionnaire) Email us at recruitment@publicaffairs.com.au and send us the completed documents :

  • Your CV (in our suggested format as per CV Tips and Hints)
  • Your Candidate Questionnaire
  • …and include your Appointment Date and Time.

Why You Need to Register

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If you are a new job seeker, you will need to register with us before we will be able to put you forward for jobs with our clients.

  • We only provide the client with the top three (3) CVs for consideration (as we’ve already shortlisted to that group)
    • * To be in the top three (3) you need to demonstrate clear and strong achievements that are relevant to the role the client is looking to fill.
    • * Most people will tell us their CV is in “achievement” format – but for 85% of people, we find that they are just listing duties and calling them achievements as they are not clear on the different.
  • We only provide the CVs of registered candidates – public affairs officers we have met (or done a phone interview with if they are interstate or overseas) and interviewed to find out more about their skills and experience, and who we get to know over time and as they progress in their career. We develop good relationships with our candidates; many of whom rise in the ranks and become our clients.

Once You Register…

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You will:

  • have access to the roles which our clients ask us to fill (which we don’t advertise as we fill them from our list of registered candidates.) in addition to the ones advertised on this site.
  • receive career and/or CV advice we provide during the initial interview and over the time you are registered.
  • be able to call us when you have an issue or a problem and talk it through with us until you gain some clarity and are able to make headway – or as one candidate told us “No one was able to provide any clarity except you – not my family, not my colleagues, not my friends. Thank you.”

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