Public Affairs Jobs handles job vacancies in two ways.

We are happy to advertise public affairs jobs on our site and any one who has the skills and experience can apply to the advertising organisation to be considered.

  • The applicants are not assessed or filtered in any way.
  • They all go to the client for assessment and to organise interviews.

We are also happy to be engaged to use our networks and list of registered candidates to provide a shortlist of three suitable candidates for the client to interview, assess. We are involved in obtaining references and negotiating the job offer and ensuring all runs smoothly for all parties.

Client-Advertised Jobs

These are the jobs – listed below – that various organisations have listed on our website as it is the best channel to reach public affairs officers.

  • To apply, see the link at the bottom of each advertisement.
  • Your CV and any other documentation will be sent directly to the client for assessment.

These are also listed in our right hand column so you can see them from any webpage.

  • Just click on the job and it will take you through to the listed information on that role.

    Our Jobs (for Registered Candidates only)

    If you are a registered candidate of ours, you are able to be considered for roles that are additional roles – the ones clients have approached us to fill for them.

    • These jobs have a Job # in front of the role (eg Job #1300 – Public Affairs Manager)
    • They are not available to unregistered job applicants.
    • Why not?
      • We invest considerable time and expertise in our candidates – interviewing them, providing advice on their CVs and careers and supplying regular information on the jobs market – so they are well placed to impress and do a good job for our clients.
    • To see what jobs are available to registered candidates, just click on the job link.
    • You will notice that the company is the contact, so if you are not a current registered candidate, we’ll check your CV and advise if you might like to register with us.
    • As our candidates will know, we only send the top 3 CVs to the client for consideration, so we are looking for significant achievements (in each role you’ve held) to impress the clients.