Are you Seeking Staff for your organisation?

Then, welcome to the largest pool of public affairs officers seeking work in their industry. If you would like to advertise a role on our website (rather than engaging us to use our services) you are most welcome.

  • Our candidates are keen to find work with:
    • government departments and agencies – federal and state,
    • statutory authorities,
    • industry associations,
    • not-for-profit organisations,
    • the education sector, and/or
    • the private sector (whether you are a small business or a large multi-national organisation)
  • Each candidate has a unique set of skills and experience and we encourage them to gain experience across different sectors, industries, to increase their value to a potential employer.

Government Departments

The Public Affairs Recruitment Company (also trading as Public Affairs Jobs) is a member of the Austrade Recruitment and Related Services Panel under SON 14/1008.

If your organisation would like to  use our specialist services , please just email us at recruitment (at) and we’ll email you the document your organisation needs to complete and then sign to participate. It’s that simple.

Advertising a Role

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If you would like to advertise your role to our candidates and other public affairs officers who visit this site, you are welcome to.

  • Just click on the Submit Job sub-menu item and the form is quick and easy to fill out.
    • Advertisements last for 14 days and cost $220 per job.
    • These can be extended for $110 per week if needed.
    • Once the form is completed, we will be alerted via email to approve the listing of the job.
    • It will then immediately appear on each page of the site (which shows 10 jobs at a time) and/or via the Search for a Job page where candidates are able to search for suitable roles using different criteria.
  • The next sub-menu item – Manage My Listed Jobs – will allow you to manage your listings.
    • Log it at any time and amend the details if you need to.

Our Google ranking (as at August 2017) for “public affairs jobs” was second only to Linked In (see Screenshot #1 below). Screenshot #1

2017 Google Ranking

2017 Google Ranking

In July 2014, our Google ranking for “public affairs jobs” was second only to SEEK (Screenshot #2 below) and now (August 2017) we rank above them, only beaten to top spot by the higher profile site, Linked In (Screenshot #1 above) . Screenshot #2.

Google-Ranking (SEEK vs PAJ)

Google-Ranking (SEEK vs PAJ)

 Engaging Us to Find Suitable Candidates

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If you would like us to source, shortlist and provide a field of candidates to fill your role, we are happy to take on the task after discussing the requirements of the job and the type of person needed to fill it. Before we start work on your role, we like to get all the paperwork squared away, so everything is agreed upfront and there are no issues down the track. Once we have discussed the role with you, we’ll provide you with the paperwork (cover letter and Recruitment Agreement and draft Job Alert! advertisement which goes to our registered candidates only.

  • Only our registered candidates (who we have previously met with, assessed and provided advice to) are considered for our roles.
  • All our jobs – over  the past 17+ years – have been filled via expressions of interest, searches in our database and our networks.
  • We do not – and have never needed to – advertise in any newspaper or online publication to fill our roles.
  • However, we do make use of social media. LinkedIn, Facebook as well as our own proprietary newsletter – the Job Alert! which started in 2000 and is still going strong.

Our Process

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Step 1: Meeting or Phone Call with the Client-to-be

Depending on your time and/or where you are located, we will either meet with new clients or undertake a  phone discussion about the role – whichever is most convenient for the client. Sometimes it will depend on the urgency of the role.

  • With existing clients, we will usually take instruction on a new role over the phone.
  • New clients, naturally, usually like to meet with us which gives us the opportunity to see their premises where candidates will be working and meet some of the staff.
  • We seek as much information on the role that you can provide (job description, ideal candidate, experience/skills wanted, particular background needed, security clearances required, start dates, salary ranges, etc) in order to prepare a job advertisement for our website to which all our social media sites link.

Step 2: The Paperwork

We provide the following for consideration:

  • Our covering letter explaining our services
  • A standard Recruitment Agreement – once this document is signed and returned, we are able to start work on your role.

Step 3: Your Job Advertised to our Registered Candidates

The job advertisement is placed into our Job Alert! which is received by our registered candidates, and onto our website.  The Job Alert! is the quickest way to reach our pre-qualified pool of public affairs officers.

Step 4: Names & CVs Provided

Once the Recruitment Agreement is signed, we start work straight away to identify the field of skilled, qualified, experienced public affairs officers who are also, importantly, interested and available to work in your advertised role.

Step 5: Shortlisting to Top 3 Candidates 

Once we have:

  • searched our database for suitable candidates,
  • added new (suitable) candidates we’ve recently met with;
  • considered TEMPs and non-ongoing staff who are becoming available as contracts finish; and
  • taken expressions of interest from those who’ve seen the job advertisement (or had it passed on to them);

…then we shortlist to the top three (3) candidates.

This means we examine each potential candidate against the job requirements. 

We may seek additional information from a candidate – an updated CV or additional supporting evidence from them.

We prepare an email for our client with a short summary of each candidate and attach their CVs.

We don’t flick you a stream of different CVs as we come across them – they are considered and sent to our clients as a package so you aren’t hunting in your inbox to make sure you’ve received all the CVs.

Once you have them, you can assess who you would like to meet with and when and let us know.

Step 6: We organise the interviews

Once we know the preferred interview time, venue, panel members, we organise the interviews with the selected candidates.

Step 7: We provide advice throughout the selection process

As there are many different developments – some expected, some unexpected – that can occur while you are selecting your next staff member, we will provide regular updates and advice to both the client and the candidate to assist with achieving the desired outcome.

Some of the issues that can arise:

  • an offer is made and a recruitment freeze happens in the middle of the process;
  • the candidate doesn’t respond and it transpires they have taken another offer – or a counteroffer from their current employer;
  • the funding for the position dries up;
  • a formal offer has been made and one party doesn’t wish to / can’t proceed;
  • the candidate and client salary expectations vary – and it requires negotiation to come to mutual agreement;
  • the role changes from the documentation provided;
  • or a myriad of other issues can arise…

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