This is the page designed to help you quickly find the type of assistance you are looking for.

We are a specialist recruitment agency – so our focus is on sourcing, placing and training public affairs officers.

  • If you need to know what a public affairs officer is, please click here.


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If you are a current or new client with a job to fill – either urgently or within a week or so.

  • Please see our Seeking Staff page – where you can quickly and easily list your job for all to see, manage listed jobs.
  • On our Career Centre pages – you’ll see the type of assistance we provide to our clients and candidates.
  • …or you may want to Make an Appointment to meet with us to discuss the role and our services.

Check out Why Use Us?…if you need to consider some reasons to use our services.

Job seeker

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If you are looking for work in the public affairs industry:

  • You may be looking for a job (Seeking Jobs).
  • …or you may wish to Make an Appointment so you are registered with us (and we can then consider you for the roles we fill).

Registered Candidate

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If you have already met with us and are a registered candidate, but haven’t been in to see us for a while, you might wish to:

  • update us with a new CV and/or
  • come in to update us about your new skills and experience.

Just Make an Appointment time (See Candidate Interviews – on a Tuesday only) and then send us an email with your new updated CV.

Most candidates update us every 2-3 years when there is quantum leap forward in their career and they are looking for their next role.

We look forward to matching job vacancies with the right candidate/s.