Our site is divided into public as well as restricted (free and paid) areas.

Public Areas

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This is where you will find:

  • jobs that organisations have listed on our site to reach our niche market of highly skilled and experienced public affairs officers,
  • general information about the company and how we operate,
  • course topics / training calendar – so clients and job-seekers can develop more skills,
  • feedback from people – candidates and clients – who have experienced our recruitment and professional development service over the years,
  • resources – such as links to government certified agreements so you can check out the employment conditions of government agencies, salary tables for the PAO profession,
  • …and more.

PAO Community Area (Free Membership Area)

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This is our community area for the public affairs (PAO) industry – a place where they can hang out, contribute to discussions on topics of interest (jobs, government campaigns, training or any other topic of interest), and have a place to “belong” online.

This membership area is where you will find:

  • a sign up area so you can log in at any time and find a relevant group to discuss such matters as:
    • *recruitment issues you and others are facing
    • *professional development you would like to undertake and when
    • *finding a suitable mentor
    • *have access to information – depending on the level of your membership.
    • …and more.

It is free to join, but you must sign up to register for access to it.

Paid Subscriptions

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There are a variety of paid subscriptions that are / will become available over time.

The paid subscriptions will cover:

  •  a range of online courses – while initially these will introduce recruitment-related courses (eg Writing a Winning CV) they will expand to:
    • *the other courses we deliver on news media, social media, internal and external communications, marketing, and video production and more, and
    • *our range of workshops on such topics as: grammar & punctuation, editing & proofreading
  • access to recorded webinars (paid access)
  • access to material related to specific topics.
  • …and more.