Stay calm! (Easy to say – hard to do).

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You probably need:

  1. someone to pour your story out to – who will just listen (while taking note of the key issues that they can help you address to get your “centre” back);
  2. someone to sit with you and work out what to salvage (there’ll be a lot) from the situation you find yourself in;
  3. someone to help identify specific skills and experience that a new employer will be interested in (amazingly, many people have been out of the “job hunt” scene for so long that they have no idea that what they’ve been busy doing is highly valuable to someone else. Conversely, it is also apparent people have no idea of the yawning gaps in knowledge and experience);
  4. practical help to know how to structure a CV, how much and what type of information needs to go into it, how to pitch it at the right level (Are you going for the same level or a promotion? There’s big difference in what you write.), is it different if you use a recruitment agency and if so, why?…. and much more. (Warning: Be careful who you get to write your CV for you. Don’t expect someone who has only been a junior officer and is now a “CV expert” to know how to write one for a more senior level.);
  5. an assessment of your current and/or revised CV and other job documentation you usually use;
  6. someone to work with you to pinpoint opportunities for employment that your unique set of skills, experience, aptitudes etc present.
  7. someone to help you work out what key values are your drivers (find work that aligns with your values and you will be happy; don’t, and you will likely not enjoy the job); and/or
  8. options to work out how to cope if you have short-term or long-term cashflow issues.

Your First Three Steps

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We are presuming that you have already investigated the VR (voluntary redundancy) or IVR (involuntary redundancy) options with your organisation and got financial advice if you are with the Commonwealth Public Service.

Financial advisers are (apparently) heavily booked, so if you can’t get in yet, find someone who has gone through it to at least educate yourself about the issues you will need to make decisions on when you get to them and what information they will require from you.

  • Your HR area should be able to provide you with a lot of information. Think about where you now want to head with your career or life.

We can help with getting you out of ‘panic’ mode and into thinking clearly about your options: including deciding whether going into business is an option for you.

  • Our CEO is an ex-APS who went into business after taking a VR, so we can  help you work out if that path is for you or not.


Step 1Can You Get Assistance from the Organisation You are Leaving?

1.1  Seek advice from your HR area (or talk to your boss) to see if they will fund (a) career coaching / advice (b) training (c) downsizing assistance.

1.2  Get a copy of any entitlements in writing (departmental circulars for downsized staff, etc) – including any budget you are allocated.

1.3 Find out if there are any timelines involved (if there is a limit on when you can do any pre-departure training).


Step 2 Book Yourself in for a Career Coaching Session

2.1  Visit our Make An Appointment page and select the Career Help! session from the drop down menu.

2.2  Please note that there is a cost for the session.

2.3 Check our Coaching Session page to find out more about what we cover in our different coaching sessions.


Step 3Prepare for your Career Coaching Session

3.1   Gather all your paperwork together (CV, any recent applications, performance feedback, interview feedback, offers etc 

3.2  Take some time to think about what you might like to do for paid work, what you’ve always wanted to do but not be able to. Don’t censor yourself.

    • * It’s time to brainstorm.
    • * Write down everything you can think of – this will give us clues as to the type of work we discuss for you.
    • * What training do you think you need/ would like to do.

Pause….Deep Breaths…

Now is just the time for taking stock of your career journey so far.

Your future is bright…you just can’t see the stars yet through the clouds.