Our Learning Centre covers all professional development opportunities relevant to public affairs officers to improve their career prospects.

In the Learning Centre part of the website, you’ll find information on:

Major Events & Conferences

These are events which are run by other industry organisations and which are relevant to public affairs officers.

Professional Development

Our Courses

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These are standard, tailored (regular or one off topics) developed and run by The Public Affairs Recruitment Company.

  • Range of topics – Check out our  Course Topics to see the range of subjects we cover.
  • Training calendar Please note: We only run a selection of topics each Training Calendar.
  • Tailored courses – are individually developed for a client for the staff of one organisation so it meets their needs exactly. We take a brief, develop a detailed quote and options and on approval, prepare the course, identify the trainers and deliver it on the day. We collect feedback and ratings and provide a report to management within a week.
  • Standard courses – are courses where staff from a number of different organisations attend on the scheduled day. This suits organisations who may only need 1-2 staff trained and the value of attending a mixed session is the value of learning from the staff of other organisations.  Course names are standardised (eg Media 101 – Understanding the Australian Media) and the content delivered is proven and has been rated by previous attendees. We are continually upgrading and improving our courses and we mix Presenters so if you send staff to several different courses, chances are they will have a different Presenter and Visiting Professionals and your organisation benefits from the change of perspective.

We use experienced industry professionals who are actively working in the industry as our Presenters and Visiting Professionals

  • Our courses are highly regarded by our course attendees who rate all aspects (content, Presenters, Visiting Professionals, venue, food etc)
  • Refer to our course feedback on our How Do Our Courses Rate? page for more information.

Courses Run by Other Organisations

If your organisation runs courses, conferences or events which are relevant to the public affairs profession, we are happy to list them on our website.

For the cost to list, see next section below.

List Your Event

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To list your event, please visit our Products page and List an Event.

Make your selection and you’ll be taken to a PayPal payment page.

Once paid, just email us your event information to courses@publicaffairs.com.au and we’ll list it for you.

Please provide:

  •  any images you wish to use
  • pdf brochures and
  • text in word document format (for ease of copying).

The Cost to List

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  • If your organisation would like to list its event in our Training Calendar, and on our Events page, just use the form below to email us for the details.
  • The cost is $220 per calendar month (or part thereof) to list your event on our site.
  • The information on your event will appear in several places – the training calendar, event summary page, the individual event page from which a person can book, in the upcoming events widget (which shows the next three upcoming events) and we are likely to cover it in a blog topic as well!
  • It will reach our public affairs community which shows a keen interest in all our listed courses.
  • If you’d like us to attend and write up the event for our public affairs audiences, just let us know.


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If You’d Like to List Your Event