Below you’ll see the full range of professional development opportunities we offer. Please note: Not all of our standard courses are on offer all the time – our schedule of upcoming courses can be seen on our Events page.

Standard Courses

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For our standard courses, our approach is to take a subject and break it into five key topic areas and devote a course to covering all aspects of that particular topic. The courses are developed by professionals who are not only subject matter experts, but have real world on-the-ground practical experience in that area.

  • We also involve several other people (our “Visiting Professionals”) over the course of the day, to talk about a subject from their perspective.

Topics are organised by numbers and ideally training starts at 101 eg Media 101 and proceeds through to 105 in the particular series eg

  • Media 101: Understanding the Australian Media
  • Media 102: Writing an Effective Media Release
  • Media 103: Liaising with the Media
  • Media 104: Developing Simple Media Strategies
  • Media 105: Responding to a Media Crisis

The full list of our standard course topics and a summary of their contents is listed on our Standard Courses page.

Tailored Courses

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Tailored courses are those requested by a client for staff in their organisation. The course is designed to meet specific professional development needs within the organisation. Course content may draw on existing standard courses, but usually require new content heavily focused on examples and scenarios from that particular workplace or organisation. We are briefed on the training requirements, develop a detailed proposal with options for consideration, including budgets. Once approved, we will develop the specific course content, clear the approach with the client and after signoff, deliver it. Courses are usually on the client’s premises according to their timetable, however, we can use our own premises eg for very senior training as it allows them to be trained in an exclusive space. Examples are the training of:

  • federal politicians and their staff in media management.
  • CEOs in media and etiquette for senior managers.
  • senior government officials applying for senior private sector roles (media, interview preparation).
  • departmental staff in how to provide speech-related information to their Minister and ministerial expectations of material provided.
  • IT professionals within a government department in communications for IT rollouts.
  • subject matter experts in media interviews.
  • communications and policy staff in the development of organisation-wide communications strategies.
  • a range of junior to senior staff in networking for an organisation that held a major high profile conference each year.

Specialised Courses

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Specialised courses are specific one-off topics. They may be related to one of our standard course series – but will focus on a particular aspect – in significant detail.  The course may be developed for a specific client, but it may have wider application to a broader audience and be able to be adapted to be re-run for a broader audience Examples are:

  • Media 106 : Media for Small Business
  • Social Media 106: Video Production for Social Media.

Courses by Other Organisations / Individuals

These may be industry organisations (such as the IABC or PRIA) or individuals who are well known in their field who have developed their own course/s and who we think offer our public affairs community interesting material for their professional development.

Listing Your Course

If you are interested in listing your course on our website (Training Calendar and Events page), please complete the form below and send it to us.