So why would you or your colleagues and industry peers attend our courses? …and/or why would you send your staff to be trained by our subject matter experts?

Detailed Feedback from Attendees

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Do you know of any training organisation that collects feedback (both quantitative and qualitative) on the following:

  • course content
  • presenters
  • visiting professionals (additional experts who come in for short sessions to supplement the presenter on the topic and provide a different perspective)
  • venue
  • food
  • and whether the attendees goals for the day had been met?

Yes. We do. Each and every course. Our Presenters and experts are required to maintain an average rating of 4 out of 5 – or we don’t use them. And we’ve done it for all the years we’ve been training people – in our industry and those who need the skills of our profession (eg writing and editing). The local registered training organisation groups in Canberra examined what we do, as a template for their own reporting structure.

Our Presenters are our Industry Experts and Practitioners

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We draw our Presenters and Visiting Professionals from our large pool of registered candidates (junior to senior) as well as our clients. This means we can find people with current or recent relevant experience on any topic our courses cover.

How Many Training Organsations have Repeat Custom?

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More than 40% have returned to do a 2nd, 3rd, 4th and increasingly a 5th – or even a 6th! – course with us.

Which Organisations send their Staff to be Trained?

See our list of organisations trained.

Why Attend? … or Send Your Staff?

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TPARC training gives you the credibility and knowledge to ensure that your public affairs officers are the best at what they do Our training is a valuable investment – that’s why we get course attendees booking their 5th and 6th courses. 

  • Full-day courses provide practical education
  • Based on empirical research
  • Decades of experience distilled into every one day course.

Our Statistics

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Upcoming Events

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To see our upcoming courses, conferences and other events visit out Events If a calendar is more your style, check out our Training Calendar.